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Estate agency no. 1 in Pomorze


For over 20 years we have been contributing to the history of the estate market in Pomorze. We have handled thousands of successful transactions, launched innovative solutions, and built our largest capital, which is experience. We know the local estate market well. We are committed to realizing effective and beneficial transactions for both parties.

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Local estate agency

Safe and secure transaction


We know well, how important it is for our customers to feel confident that a transaction is safe and secure, so all of our transactions are fully insured. An additional guarantee of safety is our many years of experience, the highest standards of control and operation, and also the professional licenses that our Advisors cover. The thousands of transactions we have already made, make us experts in the security of your money. By deciding to cooperate with us, you will stress-free, sell, buy, convert or rent any property.

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Guarantee  of secure transaction

No hidden extra costs


Buy without commission - with us, you can buy an apartment, a house or a land, all safe and without commission. That means that the fee, will only be charged on one side of the transaction - from the seller. We are the precursor of this model, not only in Pomorze, but also in whole of Poland! We also guarantee the best price possible - we do not hide any extra costs and we conduct effective negotiations.

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Buy without commission

The biggest and most effective estate agency in Pomorze


We have been in the market for 20 years. Thanks to our rich experience, we are currently one of the largest estate agencies in Pomorze, as well as throughout the country. Record high fast sales, more than 80 transactions a month and nearly 1 200 a year - thanks to effective actions, we fulfill the promises made to our customers every day. We know that being a leader on the market is a great honor, but also a responsibility and a motivation for further actions, so every day we create the future, setting new goals and challenges.



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20 years  of experience

Motivation for further actions


Sale guarantee, fast and beneficial transactions for both sides, applications for monitoring our activities - these are the strengths that we have gained, from customers to trust us. Positive feedback confirms, that it is worth it, working together. We encourage you to read the comments about our company, which are located in the Opinions tab. A survey of our services is carried out periodically, through a telephone contact. All of our feedback is extremely important - they not only provide great motivation for further action, but also help identify areas that require even more attention.

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Customer’s  opinion

Efficiency and commitment


We have achieved the success together. Our sales team consists of more than 50 experienced agents. It is them, who, every day and with passion, find the best solutions for our customers, with the energy and determination they put into their work, they create the best business card of our company.

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Best Agents


House for sale

Gdańsk, Sobieszewo, ul. Astrowa

4 000 000 PLN

650 m2

House for sale

Gdańsk, Kokoszki, ul. Grzybowa

1 890 000 PLN

315 m2

House for sale

Gdańsk, Śródmieście, ul. Batalionów Chłopskich

3 300 000 PLN

360 m2

House for sale


1 799 000 PLN

1 800 000 PLN

600 m2

House for sale


990 000 PLN

220 m2

House for sale

Łapino, ul. Podbipięty

990 000 PLN

999 000 PLN

220 m2

House for sale

Dobrzewino, ul. Grabowa

2 600 000 PLN

300 m2

Apartment for sale

Gdańsk, Śródmieście, ul. Jaglana

464 000 PLN

479 000 PLN

28 m2

Apartment for sale

Gdańsk, Stare Miasto, ul. Ogarna

625 000 PLN

52 m2

Apartment for sale

Gdańsk, Śródmieście, ul. Ogarna

625 000 PLN

52 m2

House for sale

Małkowo, ul. Parkowa

950 000 PLN

1 200 000 PLN

164 m2

Apartment for sale

Władysławowo, ul. Żeromskiego

442 891 PLN

537 320 PLN

60 m2

House for sale

Rozłazino, ul. Leśna

308 000 PLN

315 000 PLN

170 m2

Land for sale


450 000 PLN

570 000 PLN


Land for sale

Gdańsk, ul. Wielkopolska

620 000 PLN

685 000 PLN


Land for sale

Glincz, ul. Wierzbowa

135 000 PLN

139 000 PLN


House for sale


459 000 PLN

480 000 PLN

200 m2

House for sale


680 000 PLN

729 000 PLN

300 m2

House for sale

Chmielno, ul. Widokowa

500 000 PLN

800 000 PLN

200 m2

Land for sale


115 000 PLN

120 000 PLN


Land for sale

Małe Gacno

55 000 PLN

90 000 PLN


Apartment for sale

Gdańsk, Zaspa, ul. Powstańców Wielkopolskich

579 000 PLN

597 000 PLN

53 m2

House for sale

Żukowo, ul. Cyprysowa

849 000 PLN

890 000 PLN

167 m2

Land for sale


240 000 PLN

260 000 PLN


Local for rent

Gdynia, Orłowo, ul. Wielkopolska

9 499 PLN

260 m2

Land for sale


107 000 PLN


House for sale

Gdańsk, Morena, ul. Czesława Miłosza

1 800 000 PLN

106 m2

Apartment for sale

Straszyn, ul. Jowisza

459 000 PLN

81 m2

Local for sale

Gdańsk, Orunia Górna, ul. Hieronima Rozrażewskiego

489 000 PLN

59 m2

Apartment for rent

Gdańsk, Brzeźno, ul. Łozy

1 800 PLN

39 m2

Apartment for rent

Gdańsk, Morena, ul. Morenowe Wzgórze

1 900 PLN

47 m2

Apartment for rent

Gdańsk, Łostowice, ul. Kazimierza Porębskiego

1 500 PLN

41 m2

Apartment for sale

Władysławowo, ul. Żeromskiego

378 534 PLN

48 m2

Apartment for rent

Gdańsk, ul. Olimpijska

2 000 PLN

64 m2

Local for rent

Gdańsk, Ujeścisko, ul. Warszawska

5 500 PLN

98 m2

Apartment for sale

Gdynia, Obłuże, ul. Boisko

370 000 PLN

47 m2

Luksusowy apartament - Ogrody Tesoro 738 000 PLN


Apartamenty w centrum Gdańska - doskonała inwestycja 1 250 000 PLN


Apartament w centrum Gdańska - kilka kroków od Starówki 895 000 PLN


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