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About us

What makes us special is our uniqueness, creativity and innovative approach towards the customer. We have also long-term experience in the business – we have been creating Partnerzy Nieruchomości spółka z o.o. and Metrohouse i Partnerzy S.A. Real estate agencies from scratch, and our enthusiasm and professionalism have made them leaders among other real estate agencies in Poland. In independent rankings conducted by the Nieruchomości C.H. Beck magazine, both agencies were leading in the list of the largest companies in the real estate business in Pomerania and in the whole of Poland. We know that people doing everything actually do nothing. This is why our team is divided into dedicated Supply and Demand Customer Service Departments. We want you to feel really special here.
Each transaction concluded with us is insured. When you buy, sell or rent a real estate with us, your transaction is covered with the secure transaction guarantee. Only here at Morze Nieruchomości the maximum insurance coverage is guaranteed by Generali T.U. S.A. Buy with No Commissions has been our policy for ages; with us you can buy an apartment, a house or a plot securely and with no commissions. The most important thing for us is to maximize your benefits and savings. And don't think we work for you only Monday till Friday! We are here for you from Monday till Saturday, from 8.00 till 20.00, and on Sundays we are getting ready for the next intensive week spent on working with you. Do you know any other real estate agency which is so flexible for its clients?
PARTNERZY Nieruchomości gives you unlimited possibilities, i.e. offers from all real estate agencies available in one place – our office.You don't have to search, compare, spend hours poring over offers - we do it for you. We care for your time and comfort. We also know buying or renting an estate is not the end of our relationship. We won't leave you with piles of cartons and boxes waiting for an expensive and hardly known removal company. We will move you for free.
We also help you deal with all formalities, e.g.in case of replacing the property, when the loan amount exceeds its value. We are always here for you, ready to act.
We are really one of a kind - let us share our passion and commitment with you!


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